Monday, September 28, 2015

Finally Off the Design Wall

This quilt has been up on my design wall for months. It feels good to have it down and done.

 Not only is it done, it's all washed and soft. Simon, of course, had to test that out.

 I used Aurifil 50 wt white thread for the whole project - top and bobbin. Quilted beautifully.

 Simon is pointing out one of his favorite blocks. I combined many of Leah Day's fills within some organic shapes surrounded with straight lines.

The front is fun, but so is the back. I just used fleece as the batting and backing, just two layers. This whole project was just an experiment to see how well quilting blocks using fleece and joining the using this QAYG method. 

The quilting shows up really nicely on the back, even better after washing.

Pea Gravel Path is one of my favorite

I've been a fan of Leah Day's for a very long time and she is the reason I'm somewhat fearless in challenging myself to try new fills and techniques.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Quilt As You Go with Fleece Backing

I have finished quilting all of the blocks of my experiment with QAYG fleece backed quilt. 

I had some fun quilting the last few blocks

I joined the first two blocks

I was nervous to try out how well the blocks would go together, but it went together just fine. I did make the back strip used to join the block slightly smaller (1 1/8" instead of 1 1/4") than the tutorial calls for (click here for the tutorial).

The joining technique worked perfectly. I'm glad I choose to make the back strip smaller.

The question now is, how long before I can finish this project an get it off my design wall??!!

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Trifecta - Three Finishes

I might not have been blogging lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been quilting. I have three projects that have been hanging around far too long, they are now finished.

The first project is a Leah Day panel I purchased from Spoonflower.

I have finished quilting eons ago, I just needed to finish it with a facing. I read abut how to do it, been told it was easy and still I procrastinated.

 I don't know why I so stubbornly avoided doing a facing, it was easy. I followed the tutorial at Silly BooDilly blog. 

The second project was a guild challenge to take a traditional block and make it modern. I chose an Ohio Star.

The guidelines were to make it 24" wide by any length. So I made the star with an improv method.

 I had to add a few bits of my favorite things; corgis and horses.

 I also used the facing technique on this project also.

My third project was my Lizzy House Meadow Quilt; Galloping through the Meadow.

 Simon really wanted in on the action. He is quite photogenic.

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