Thursday, January 5, 2012

Try New Things (TNT) Thursday: QAYG Experiment

I'm really loving learning how to free motion quilt, but I'm not really loving trying to stuff a huge quilt under my sewing machine needle.  I decided to try a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) method I read about at The Quilting Edge.  I dug through my stash and found some really ugly fabric and quilted up to samples (practicing a little stippling for Leah Day's QAL and heart leaves for SewCalGal's quilting challenge).
Stippling practice (this was my warm-up, pretty ugly!!!)

Heart leaves, still pretty ugly.

Square up the blocks

I added a 2 1/2" strip top and bottom of the block (note: I should have made the top strip wider)

stitched strips on with a walking foot.
My seam allowance was a fat 1/4"

cut a piece of batting to fit into the sashing.

Use the zigzag stitch

Zigzag the batting to the seam allowance

Sew the back strip to the second block, using a fat 1/4"
Trim the batting to fit snugly into the sashing space and fold over the top sashing 1/4" and press (this is where it would have been nice to have a little extra fabric on the top strip. I need to learn to read the directions!!! )

Top stitch the sashing in place

Your blocks are now joined

Top stitch the other side, so it looks balanced

Quilt as desired

Voila! Blocks joined QAYG!
Marianne at the Quilting Edge has the best tutorials on several QAYG methods. I've been wanting to try this because I want to quilt my storybook quilts this way. So with this successful experiment, I think I will go ahead and QAYG.

I'm linking up with the wonderful Melissa at Happy Quilting for Try New Things (TNT) Thursday.

Color Me Quilty!



  1. I haven't tried this method of QAYG. It looks interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I signed up for the Sew Cal Gal FMQAL also! I just ordered a darning foot. I am so glad I saw your post so I can work towards a sampler quilt. Thanks!

  3. Looks good! Your FMQ looks good too, esp the heart/leaves!

  4. I have yet to try this, I have it on my list of things to do :)

  5. They look good to me. I haven't ever really practiced...but I guess it's a good idea. Maybe I'll look into those sites you provided links for. Thanks!

  6. I love the fatter sashing - I always thought to do it with a thin strip just to join them together. I have to try this! You make it look so easy :)

  7. HI all yes I have done Free Motion Quilting BUT it has been a while, I can say I enjoyed it and was fun, to try new designs and if you felt you made a booboo well not to worry no one knows what is right or wrong. It all looked perfect and Pretty, so yes now I am looking for some scape to get something going. This will be fun to do again, take care and hugs to all and oh HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

  8. Pretty sashing, this qayg is another on my 'to try' list... you make it look easy, so maybe?

  9. I thought your heart leaves looked awesome! :) And I really like your technique for bringing the blocks together. It never occurred to me to add some sashing then quilt it separately. Great technique!

  10. What a great method of QAYG, your heart leaves look fantastic, I've yet to start my practice!