Thursday, January 12, 2012

Try New Things (TNT) Thursday: QAYG Experiment Method #2

Last week for TNT Thursday, I experimented with a quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) method that used wide sashing between the blocks. The method I'm showing today is QAYG with narrow strips. BOTH methods are from some amazing tutorials at The Quilting Edge blog.
Start with 2 quilted blocks, top strip (light color) 2" wide folded in half, bottom strip (dark color) 1 1/4" wide, both length of the block.

Attach the top strip folded to the right side of the first block (raw edges toward the seam)

Add the bottom strip on right sides together, unfolded.

Pin all layers together and stitch a good 1/4" seam
Pin the back strip to the 2nd block, right and back side together
IMPORTANT: Stitch together with a 1/4" seam. You will want the blocks to butt together without a gap or overlap!

Both blocks butt together without a gap or overlap.

Press the top strip over. Because the top strip was folded, there are no raw edges.

I really like to use Best Press (starch alternative) when I press.

I also used glue instead of pins (I use this method for stitching bindings. NO, it does not gum up your needle)

Top stitch your top strip down.

Voila! Blocks joined. I think if you had stitched the blocks with straight lines and used matching thread and busy fabric, you would be hard pressed to tell where the blocks were joined.

Back side
I think this method would be great for improvisationally pieced blocks, you could make in blend right in. I like this method, but I think for my storybook quilts I will stick with the wider sash method I tried last week.

I'm linking up with the wonderful Melissa at Happy Quilting for Try New Things (TNT) Thursday.

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  1. Great job! I love the Quilting Edge blog, she has so many neat ideas! I made a runner for Christmas using this method.

  2. So awesome!!! I really need to try this out :)

  3. I have been really wanting to try QAYG

  4. Thanks for laying out the QAYG in photos. I have been wanting to try it. Also, your dog is so cute - is it a corgi?

  5. That's how I'd do it, too. Great visualization!