Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quilty Embellishment Day for May - Update Guest Blogger Jenny @Sew Kind of Wonderful

Embellishment noun:
1. decoration, garnishing, ornament, gilding, enhancement, enrichment, adornment, ornamentation, trimming, beautification

I think the word embellishment was meant for quilters. Think of all the ways quilters embellish their quilts.  Jenny @ Sew Kind of Wonderful has been some kind of wonderful and is my guest blogger talking about how she uses quilting as embellishment.
Hi, my name is Jenny @ Sew Kind of Wonderful.  When Pat asked me if I wanted to talk about quilting embellishment, my thought went to all the bling...bling...that can go on a quilt.  I've never thought of quilting as embellishment until now.

 I guess the quilting I add to my quilts can definitely be considered embellishment and can give it that bling...bling factor!   

 I love giving the eye something to look at and when I'm trying to decide what to put on a quilt, I want the quilting to accent the piecing.  I especially love the texture that quilting can give to a quilt.  The quilting can completely define the quilt and give it a personality.

Straight lines can add a dramatic affect and in the quilt above, I wanted the straight lines to frame the blocks and really give off a crisp look and help the blocks really stand out.  I love mixing straight lines with other quilting designs.

I think this quilt is one of my favorites as far as the quilting go's.   I used different colored threads for each row of color and loved how the pebble quilting framed the ovals, giving your eye something to look at, I also love to rub my hand across this quilt and feel quilting texture.

Here I quilted some filler pebbles.  Pebbles are one of my favorite types of filler quilting.  They add so much texture and embellishment to quilts, but are very time consuming to quilt.
I've been longarm quilting for the past 6 years and have come to love the quilting part of a quilt!  I've found that each quilt has it's own personality (if that makes sense) and when I am deciding what to quilt on a quilt, I don't want to take away the personality of the quilt but add to it.  I tend to be a bit more daring on my own quilts and play it on the safe side for customer quilts.  Picking out stitches can be a bugger!!  Thanks Pat for letting me share a few of my quilting pictures and talk a little bit about quilting and now I can say I embellish my quilts all the time!!

Thank you Jenny for sharing this WONDERFUL guest blog post!!!

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  1. Been looking forward to your second QED linky for 4 weeks :) Thanks for hosting Pat - I'll try to link three.

  2. Hello Pat. I've just discocered your blog through a friend and am now following. I'm loving your Quilty Embellishment Day. I can tell I'm going to e a regular here!

  3. Oh Pat I missed the link up but I have been hand quilting this past month...so I may link it up next 15th. Thanks for the great fabric paints I won last month....such a surprise.