Friday, March 22, 2013

What Does Goddess Hair Look Like?

Personally, I think that is a good question. I have been working on my Express Your Love Goddess. I love that Leah Day made her hair green in the panel, it kind of opens up the possibilities. I decided to stick to the colors in the panel, using similar color thread.

I love the texture and movement, but I still haven't decided if I will do all of the Goddess's hair this way or do something different in each section.
I divided up the section and did bouncing curves to fill in the open area, then thread painted the smaller areas

Close-up of the thread painting
I am so enjoying quilting this project, taking my time and savoring the FMQ. This quilt is for me and my soul.

I'm linking up with Leah Day for FMQ Fridays at the Free Motion Project.

Free Motion Quilting Friday
Color Me Quilty!



  1. I love that. I am taking Leah's F?ree Motion Quilting a Sampler class on Craftsy. Tomorrow I will actually start attempting the real quilting parts.

  2. Your goddess hair is really nice!

  3. Love the hair! I did mine all McTavishing but with alternating colors. I'm doing my rays of sun ASL different styles of fmq and just think that doing so m ant different designs would make it too busy.

  4. I like the texture of the thread painting with the curved lines in the hair. I hope to get back to mine soon.

  5. That looks really nice. Oh gosh, so many options for what to do! I like the direction you're going.

  6. Looks so good and what bouncy hair