Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fugly Fabric Giveaway WINNER

I absolutely LOVED the comments, I loved seeing the diversity of songs and artists. I wish I could give fabric to everyone, but I only have one set....sooo who to pick.

Well, my current favorite song/artist is Rolling in the Deep by Adele. No one picked that song, but four people told be Adele.

1. Marjorie
2. Linda
3. Shawn
4. LynCC

.....and the winner is.......LINDA!!!!!

I've never listened to Pandora, but I love Adele, and especially her song, "Someone Like You." Depending on my mood, sometimes it makes me Autumn is my favorite season, and orange is my favorite color, so I would be honored to have some of your mom's fabric. And, just to suck up a little, I am crazy about the quilt you've been working on. I think I will try the quilt as you go technique. I'm partially disabled, and spreading a quilt out anywhere would be difficult for me.

Keeping my fingers crossed! 8-)

Linda, I'm not sure I have a correct email address, so please confirm and send me at email.

Thank you to all that entered, you are all wonderful and always put a smile on my face!

Color Me Quilty!


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