Friday, February 27, 2015

QuiltCon Workshop with Krista Withers

Some of you know that I LOVE free-motion quilting. I am primarily self/internet taught. I have taken a few classes, but none have been as good as the QuiltCon workshop with Krista Withers. As a matter of fact, her quilting won best machine quilting at QuiltCon.

I love that it is a mix of straight lines in multiple directions and some free-motion swirls mixed in with "ghost" shapes.

 Krista was down to earth and gave us practical strategies to layout out quilting designs.

 She showed how you can make a "path" for fills and complete the rest with various straight line designs.
She also taught us to use mylar or clear plexiglass to "test" are ideas before putting thread to quilt.

Another example of Krista's work at QuiltCon

Still planning new master pieces after seeing sew much inspiration.

Color Me Quilty!


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  1. Wow, such amazing quilting. I wish I was as brave as you. I so admire your quilting! You are who I would like to I love the fiberglass trick.

    xo Linda