Friday, April 10, 2015

Free Motion Friday Quilt-a-Long

It time to show you the second quilted block and have you link up and show what you were able to accomplish  this week. Remember, you can follow my blocks or create your own.

 I wanted to mix it up, so I just did some wiggly lines and filled it in with some paisley, click here to see Leah Day's video on how to do paisley.

Don't  worry about perfection, it will be lovely no matter what. In the border of the block I did various sized circles and on the other stripes just followed the wiggles. The most important  thing is to have fun.
Here is my quilt. 

This is the block from last week.

You can link up here. RULES: Go visit the link ups, play nice, leave kind comments, show your Free motion quilting. If you don't have a blog to link up, feel free to post a picture of you quilting on Color Me Quilty's Facebook page.

Color Me Quilty!


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  1. Beautiful Pat! I love the contrast between the lines and the paisley flow through the middle. I'm so pleased you're continuing the free motion quilt along and link up through your blog! Great job!