Friday, April 24, 2015

Free Motion Friday - Double

So sorry I missed last Friday's block post, I bit of technical trouble. I wasn't feeling well and I just couldn't get my machine to cooperate. Sometimes it's best just to walk away and try again another day. When I came back to it, it was working smoothly. Can sewing machines feel our energy?

Sew today I will post two blocks to get you going. Please link up if you want to show off some of your work. I know I would love to see your FMQ.

My first block is very organic and whimsical. I started with the center, stitching two curved lines from end to end and echoing each of them. Then I filled in between the two lines with Leah Day's Spiral Matrix (click here for her video). I think Spiral Matrix is one of my favorite designs. It really doesn't have to be perfect to look great. Personally, I like when it's not perfect, proves I'm not a computer guided robot. Continuing on, within the orange block I just stitched straight lined back and forth. I think the straight lines give your eyes a place to rest and lets the cool Spiral Matrix pop. Around the outside, I just stitched wavy lines that randomly intersect. This is a great example that if your fabric is printed/busy, it doesn't really matter what you quilt because your can't hardly see it.
 I really love how you can see the stitching on the back. Fleece is so much fun to quilt.

This is the next block I decided to quilt. Remember, this project is about trying out some new fillers and putting them together to see how they look. Have fun with this.
Again, I started with stitching some random wiggly lines and echoed them. I filled them in with Pointy Paisley (another Leah Day filler). On the outside of this shape, my lines are now at a 45 degree angle. On the printed boarder, I just did back and forth lines. On the outer most stripe, I stitched a foundation line of back and forth triangles, I didn't mark them. I finished it off with straight back and forth lines to fill in the top half of the triangles.

Let your imaginations run wild, just stitch something. The take away from this week is: If it isn't working, you're tired or don't feel well, walk away and come back another day. Enjoy your quilting.

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