Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Goddess Has Spoken!

Even though I don't have an insert that fits this machine, it worked just fine.
Okay, so my "Express Your Love" Goddess Quilt isn't really a UFO, but I am somewhat behind. The real UFO is getting my Pfaff fixed, so that I can FMQ properly. It is definitely an UnFinished Object/Project, I've had problems with this machine since I got it 7 months ago. The Isacord thread was shredding or breaking multiple time per letter. So I switched it out for my Babylock to see if it was me. NOPE, it's definitely the machine! The Babylock stitched like a champ.

I was done in no time, after switching to my Babylock Ellegante
I love how the words intertwine so that you can read them multiple ways.

The Goddess was shouting at me to finish her words. It felt good to stitch them out, to own them.

Thank you Leah for creating this powerful project. I got the panel from Spoonflower to practice my FMQ and I am coming away with so much more!

So I'm going to take my Pfaff to the dealer. I have an appointment for Miss Frances this Thursday. I can get a free loaner for the time in the shop, I want the same machine so I can see is this a malfunction or just a quirky machine. Time will tell.

I'm linking up to UFO Sunday at the Free Motion Quilting Project.

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  1. That's a great idea to take the loaner and compare machines. I also like how you can easily read your words in different ways. I look forward to seeing how your Express Your Love evolves as you stitch it.

  2. Oh my, such powerful and beautiful phrases, well done!

  3. I like your words very much. Choosing words for a project like this one can be very hard. You got good ones.

  4. Good idea on them lending out the same machine. Hopefully you can figure out the problem!!! Great Goddess!

  5. Awesome finish! Hope your machine gets straightened out. You have had a lot of trouble with that one. My Longarm is not working:( I have only had it sense Oct. My service place is two hours drive away. I wont get there until thurs. I am a bit lost. Wondering if that is a bad thing. It has made me think. l love what I do but dont want it to be as if someone has died! I think that it just that having that amount of money tied up and it not work right.....well you know what i mean i am sure! Keep us posted. So great to have the opportunity to be connected to quilters to learn from and be inspired by!