Friday, April 19, 2013

FMQ Friday Flower

 While perusing pinterest the other day I came across the coolest FMQ Flower. I wasn't surprise to find out that Lori at The Inbox Jaunt had quilted it and even has a great tutorial on how to quilt it. She is a wonderful quilter. I knew that I would use this flower on my Grandmother's quilt.
A row of quilted flowers
 Basically, it's a row of spirals, then outlined with three bumps and a leaf, then echoed. Easy, peasy!
Close up of the flowers.

The perfect motif for Grandma's quilt. She would have loved them.

Free Motion Quilting Friday
Color Me Quilty!



  1. That is going great on that quilt. Good pick. It is a good match for those older fabs.

  2. The Fabulous Flower looks great on your quilt--you've don an expert job! So glad that you liked the tutorial--and thanks for the "shout-out"! --Lori at The Inbox Jaunt

  3. It looks great and I think it will be a good design to add to my bag of quilting tricks.

  4. Nice find! It looks great and is an excellent choice for that quilt!

  5. Its a really good choice! Love it!
    Looks simple enough to quilt too, great job!

  6. What a great pattern! I have never seen it before, it looks great!

  7. Love the roses! I am going to head off to learn it! Thanks!

  8. You flowers look so pretty - such a pretty pattern. I'm off to to bookmark the tutorial! Happy Quilting! Anna

  9. looks great Pat, i'm going to start practicing fmq, inspired by you and sherri!.