Saturday, September 3, 2011

Design Boards and Seam Rippers

What is the point of a design board???? CHANGE! I have been staring at my latest quilt project for several days now. My husband walked into my sewing room and I asked him his opinion of my quilt. "It's nice, honey!" was his response.  Of course, I couldn't leave it at that and kept at him asking about different parts. He said his least favor part was the print that I was designing the quilt around. That had been bothering me too. Soooooo....I got out the seam ripper....and..... CHANGED!

Auditioned new fabric
Ripped and Redid!

My husband walked in again, mid-change and asked what I was doing. Changing it....."But I didn't mean, you should change it, I don't have a sense of color"!  Why do people always want to underestimate their talent.  You like what you like!  Inspiration and change can come from unlikely places. Happy I made the changes. 

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