Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Mama's UFO's

As I have said in previous posts, my mother passed away a year ago and left me her stash, machines, numerous quilts , and embroidery projects. She also left behind numerous UFO's (unfinished objects), some of them quite nice. While this is just a few that I think I will do something with, there are so many more just tucked away.

Helped my Mom lay out this watercolor. It will make a wonderful wall hanging by adding just a couple of borders.

I have no idea about these blocks, they may have been part of a swap.

Again, no idea were these came from, most likely a swap.

Small hand applique, just needs to be quilted

Table runner, pieced and even baste quilted. I will definitely finish this one.

Amazing 12" blocks, 18 pieced with another 2 cut. I will definitely do something with these. Only one pieced with sashing, I don't think she liked it!

Just Color Me Blessed!



  1. Pat. My Mom left me a handful of Unfinished Projects that I am working on also. I hope you are having fun completing them. I really like the color choices of these pieces. My Mom had a great eye for color, also..

  2. Hi, I Love your small hand appliqued flowers. I am working on one almost like it but with tulips. Nice work.