Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIPping on the Stripes!

Who doesn't love stripes? Okay, so maybe there are people that don't love stripes, but I adore them, especially for binding.
The binding on my Koi Pond quilt is almost complete.

Not quite halfway around. I decided this quilt deserved a hand stitched binding. I glue my bindings before I stitch them so much better than pins.
Yesterday, I finished my Sweet Little Orphan Baby quilt, with a striped binding. Not bad considering last week, I had just completed the top! This was my first project using a longarm machine to quilt - lots of fun!

So one finish this week and one almost finished. WOW, my list is kind of small! Guess I'm going to have to get some new projects started!

Here are this weeks stats:
In-process: (2)
Elephant quilt
Koi Pond quilt -  Finish the binding

New projects: (0)

Finished (1)
Orphan Baby Quilt. - done

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  1. Ah yes a new year and new projects! Of course this month is almost gone

  2. I agree about the stripes. Although I am also extremely fond of plaid and paisley as bindings as well.

  3. Did you get a longarm??? I might have missed something there. :)

    I'm intrigued by the gluing technique. Do you just use a regular old glue stick, or something else? There's a tip and trick for a guild meeting sometime. :)

  4. Stripes! Love it. I'm jealous of your finishes. :-)

  5. I'm feeling the same way - my list is shrinking. I need some new projects! I love stripes too for binding..oh, and dots :-)

  6. You are getting a lot done! I'm kinda jealous, my list isn't shrinking fast enough. No new projects for me!

  7. Love a striped binding! Great job!

  8. ohhh a longarm??? that sounds super exciting- your first longarm quilt looks great!

  9. I'm with you - striped bindings are the best! Both your projects are beautiful.

  10. your pink quilt has the most beautiful colors xxx and well done on your first lonarming experience :)