Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Storms and WIP

I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting, exactly a week. But it has been a bit of a hectic week with work and family and a few spectacular storms. On Sunday afternoon, I finally sat down at my sewing machine and an amazing storm blew up. Needless to say, we lost power for over four hours. So much for getting any sewing done.
The creek next to our house that outlets into the lake normally has dried up and closed off by this time of year.

We got over two inches of rain in just over an hour, which got the creek really rocking and rolling and seriously muddy
 I did get to play with some more FMQ samples for my layers quilt. I think I'm going in the right direction, but just not quite there yet.
 I wrote a poem a number of years ago, that I thought would look cool on this quilt. So I practiced writing on the quilt. I started by writing in chalk first, but it's really hard to follow.
 Then I just tried writing with no pre-marking. It worked much better. Now, I just need to decide if I want any other quilting. I see more samples in my future.
The one thing I do like is quilting with orange. I like it on the top and that the writing on the back, blends well. It's hard to tell it's backwards writing.

 I also finished stitching in the ditch on my Grandma's quilt.
The quilt is now ready to FMQ down each open strip.

It does look like another crazy week coming up, but hopefully I will get a little sewing time.

Here are this week's stats:
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  1. I am amazed at your handwriting on the quilts.

  2. Gorgeous handwriting and what a touching poem:)

  3. Wow your writing with your sewing machine is better than I can do on paper!

  4. Your writing looks great! I really love the quilting fillers between the lines of writing. Lovely job!

  5. love that handwriting...have some designs like this in my sketchbooks...will have to revisit those

  6. Nice! I love the writing. I goofed off with some the other day and was surprised how good it looked because I really expected a disaster. Looking forward to seeing what you settle on.

  7. You are a natural at "writing" on your quilt. Your poem is very touching, thanks for sharing it.

  8. Great hand writing! Let your brain do the guiding and it usually looks like the writing you do on paper! Cool eh!