Monday, April 21, 2014

Excuse Me While I Detox

I haven't posted for a bit and probably won't do too much for the next ten days while I detox.  No, I'm not detoxing from illicit drugs, I detoxing from a completely legal one - SUGAR! According to the book The Blood Sugar Solution, 10 Day Detox Diet sugar is 8 TIMES MORE addictive than cocaine. Now, I eat pretty healthy already, organic, gluten-free, but this takes away ALL things that turn into sugar or spike insulin in your body or possible food allergens. If you are overweight, you have a sugar addiction, even if you don't eat sugar. Grains, potatoes, bread, junk food, diet soda, etc., etc., etc. all trigger insulin in your blood. So no sugar or sugar substitutes (worse than sugar by Dr. Hyman's opinion), no caffeine, grains (including wheat, rice, quinoa, corn, etc.), or dairy. Just lots of whole foods, clean protein, lots of veggies and good fats. Also some exercise and relaxation.

They say you can loose anywhere from 7-25 pounds in the 10 days, lower your blood pressure and sugar and generally feel lots better. It resets your brain so you loose your cravings.   Today is day 1. My husband is joining me in this, so I hope that all goes well, fingers crossed.

I promise to return to quilting soon, just need to take care of me and my husband for a bit. Wish us luck!


Color Me Quilty!

P.S. I have NO affiliation with this plan, book or doctor. I just wanted to try it out and thought I would share.


  1. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes. This is probably something I should do as well, I'm convinced that I'm addicted to bread/pasta/rice :/

  2. I quit sugar the day I found out I was diabetic. I never crave it now and don't even want it. You'll be so glad you did it! One of my tricks...Truvia. Splenda does lots of bad stuff to your body. Truvia is expensive but I think it is the best. WTG! XO

  3. I know sugar is addictive. I already quit eating grains, corn, potatoes, etc. but my last sugar addiction is dark chocolate. I just requested this book from my local library and am going to read it. I read Grain Brain, and Wheat Belly, which also talk about the issues with grains and starchy foods and sugar too. Have you read those? Grain Brain was an excellent book by David Perlmutter.

  4. So awesome. What does that guy say about fruit. Is that a no,no too! I did this once awhile ago and you will feel better!

  5. Good luck! You will feel better and will be surprised that once you get over the hump you will not crave the sugar/starch based foods. It's the clearing the hurdle that takes it out of you ;) Great idea to take a break while you do this - be kind to yourself as you go through the next 10 days!