Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I did it. I finished joining (QAYG) my guild's benefit quilt on Saturday. That was a big job, but rewarding. I'm quite pleased how it turned out.

 I think this quilt turned out amazing, especially with no planning other that the emotions surrounding cancer. The Ithaca Modern Quilt Guild has some seriously talented members. I love them all!
I think I like the back almost as much as the front, just different.

My husband has been working on a project for me, which is almost complete. A new thread holder, or should I say a revamped, modified thread holder.

I purchased this thread holder on line and when it came, the dowels that hold the spools were too short and fat to hold a bobbin AND a spool of thread. So my sweetie changed out 120 dowels for longer thinner ones. He's spray painting the whole this black. I plan to hang this on the wall in my sewing room.

 I mean look at all of the lovely Aurifil thread I have collected and recently won (received from winning the Pantone Quilt Challenge)

Here are this week's stats:
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CRC Quilt 
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Color Me Quilty!

P.S. I just had to share this picture of Humphrey. It was 80 degrees here this weekend and he was happy in HIS garden. He (and I for that matter) were just a little miffed this morning to wake up to SNOW! AGAIN! Enough already!
Humphrey Bogart sitting in his garden. April 16, 2014


  1. What a lovely group quilt, you did a great job pulling it all together. Your new spool thread holders is going to look impressive!

  2. The cancer quilt just looks amazing! Your guild has done an wonderful job with each block and you put them together wonderfully. What a treasure!

    Ooh, I am really loving the thread ladder. It looks amazing, so you do have a great big thread stash ;). I love that you (your hubby) painted it black.

    Your Humphrey is adorable! I know we had some snow on the ground as well this morning :(. Not April Showers....April Snow!

  3. Girl, you better get buying some more thread!!! What a sweet husband you have :) Your guild's quilt is beautiful, and for such a great cause!
    Humphrey looks adorable as always. Madison was not upset in the least about the snow, she loves it. As we say here in Pa Dutch land it was the Onion Snow, the last one of the season, it means the onion's can be planted and spring is a comin'! :D