Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm Back and Starting to Quilt Again

Wow, I guess I needed the time to get myself organized. I haven't been sewing much, I have been working on a lifestyle change. I have gotten up and walked for 30 minutes every morning before breakfast, just under 2 miles (about 4200 steps). My goal has been to walk 10000 steps a day (just under 5 miles). So for the last two weeks, I've walked nearly 30 miles each week. The detox diet has helps so much, I've lost about 16 lbs. and three inches off my waist. It's a Paleo lifestyle. The best part is that I'm no longer hungry all the time, that is a wonderful feeling. The only downside is that it takes some time to get used to the new routine, taking time from my quilting.

So finally, I've gotten a little sewing done, working on my Mod Ovals (olives). I like it so far.
These blocks are fun, but do take a bit of time to cut and stitch. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time in my sewing room.

I'm linking up today to Anything Goes Monday at Bobbins and Bullets

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  1. Welcome back and congrats on the successful detox and weight loss!! Change is never easy and taking time for oneself tends to be the hardest change to be successful with. . . why is that?? :)

    Those blocks look wonderful!! Love the text fabrics in the middle!

  2. Wow! Fantastic weight loss! I really need to get on that routine. I tell myself over and over to get going, but I just haven't started yet. Where did you find out about the new lifestyle?
    I love your blocks. That is going to be a great quilt!

  3. Congrats on the more active lifestyle! My husband and I committed to 2.5 miles every night, and we really do feel better since we started. I like your mod olives quilt start. I want the ruler to make it so bad, but find it hard to justify until I at least finish the multiple projects I've already started. Thanks for linking up to Anything Goes Monday!

  4. Congrats on the changes and welcome back.