Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Expanding Possibilities - The Design Phase

I always expect I can get more done that I actually do! But designing a quilt does take some time and effort. It's also more difficult when some of your tools are a little "old school".  (I've already asked my husband for EQ 7 for Christmas)
If anyone likes this design when it's done, I'll post the pattern.
It's hard to be COLOR Me Quilty when you don't have any color on your drawing!

I've been playing around with a little more UT embroidery (and having fits with my bobbins).
Serious bobbin problems with the orange, but then I finally got it straightened out
Changed some of the colors around
I think this is the one I'm going to go with.
 So here is a sneak peak at my design board so far. Trust me, I have to add a whole bunch of luscious color yet!

So I'm back to work today (UGH). Hopefully I will have time to get a little more done tonight.

Color Me Quilty,


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