Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go Big or Go Home!

Size DOES matter! I have been "fermenting" on my new quilt for the past few days. Something just wasn't right. The embroidered birds were too small, the scale for the quilt was off. I had originally reduced the size to fit in the diamond shaped piece. That wasn't working for me either. Sew I changed the pattern up just a bit and redid the birds.
This hoop is 7x12, it came with the machine. But the machine will not recognize anything bigger than 6x10.  Sew the question is: is it the machine or the operator??? I would give 50-50 odds, it could be either.  I decided not to fight, just stitch it the in size the file came. It is definitely and improvement.
I also like the change to the shape of this piece, more arrow-like.

I do feel better about this now, but I'm going to have to put this aside for a little bit and work on a project with an approaching deadline. BEARS!

Well, color me quilty!



  1. I like the birds, and they do look better in the larger size. I wish I had your talent to put things together like this.

  2. Thanks Beth! I hope you say that when it's all done, but I'm pretty excited about this quilt.