Wednesday, August 3, 2011

High Shank! Low Shank! Am I making progress?

 Summer is always such a busy time when you live on the lake.  You would think it would be peaceful and fun, but with the picnics and drop-in guests it quickly turns chaotic. Sew the question is, can I make any progress on my quilty projects?

The answer is "it depends". I started working on my super-secret project last night.  I needed to put a zipper foot on my machine.  I own two Babylocks, one is the Ellegante and the other is the Esanta (see picture below).  My mom told me (I recently inherited these beautiful machines), that the presser feet were interchangeable.  Well, almost true (I forgive you mom!). The Ellegante is a low shank machine and the Esante is a high shank machine that has an adapter to accommodate some low shank feet. I tried the zipper foot I wanted to use (see pictures 1 and 2 below).  A nice narrow foot, that doesn't go low enough to hold the material.

 Sew, I had to go with the option 2 zipper foot, not nearly as nice!

But it did get the job done!  Zipper is ready and...
 The handles are ready. 

The best part I have the next few days off (to host MORE picnics) and I WILL get some sewing done!

Sew, go have some fun!


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