Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Egg Potholders

The other day, while out perusing Pinterest, I came across the cutest Easter Egg shaped potholders. They looked so cute and when I clicked on the link, there was a tutorial at Miss Mary's Sewing Classes on how to make them. Pattern included. Sew, you know I had to give them a try.  Here is my first attempt.
Not quite as smooth and even as I'd like, but not bad.

It kind of looks like I took a bite out of the egg. It's where I hand stitched it closed after turning it.

This really is the perfect size potholder

I added an extra layer of plain batting on top of the Insult-Bright for a little more protection. I plan on using the potholder and just using Insult-Bright usually isn't enough. I hope this one turns out a little smoother and egg-shaped.
 This only took an hour, that included printing out the pattern, cutting enough for two potholders and finishing one potholder. I think they will look really cute for Easter (and beyond).

I did work on my Express Your Love quilt and embroider a set of towels. My big find this week, was a quilt top that my grandmother made. It will definitely go on my WIP list. Hopefully, it gets done faster for me that my grandmother or mother!  ;)

Here are this weeks stats:
In-process: (4)
Elephant quilt
Express Your Love
Layers quilt
Grandma's Quilt

New projects: (1)
Easter Egg Potholders

Finished (1)
Embroidered Towels

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  1. Cute! This style potholder is always the one I reach for first. I've never seen an egg one before though.

  2. I've seen this pot holder. I have a plan to make some pot holders and handle covers. I ought to throw this in the mix, too. I'll be more careful about taking a bite out of my egg knowing how easily that might occur. Thanks.

  3. I made one on Saturday and it turned out alright, but I don't think I will make more. They are best for grabbing baking dishes from the oven, not really holding pots. They are cute though. I made mine with Peeps fabric, pink and yellow Peeps :) Mine are wonky looking too. I stitched the sides together with machine so you can see a line of sewing on each opening. I only had to do one opening obviously, but I stitched the other so they would match :) Love your fabric choices!

  4. those are really cool! I think you do wonderful!

  5. Really, really cute! Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a great idea! I get so tired of those bulky pot holders. Thanks for sharing today.

  7. We had rubber potholders with that same shape in a lab I used to work in, they're great! I always loved using them but I never thought to try and make one myself... Thanks for the link, I hope my attempt turns out as cute as yours!