Friday, March 15, 2013

Quilting My World

Well, I have been quilting my guts out the last few days, although I'm not sure that you would see that from the pictures. But I have been having fun.
 I have been trying to quilt a little bit of my Express Your Love quilt every week. This week I quilted my world. I probably put a few to many swirls in the "water", but I guess I like the turbulence!

What I have been spending my time on is this little whole cloth Wrenly/fleece baby quilt. Who would have thought that there was that much stuff to stitch around???

Lots of little pedals to stitch around

The back. I really love how the quilting looks on the fleece.

I have to quilt along the back edge, then I'm done. Maybe another hour (or two or three). 

Needless to say, my machine is running pretty good, only a few thread breaks.

I'm linking up with Leah Day for FMQ Friday! Can't wait to see what everyone else has been stitching up this week!

Free Motion Quilting Friday
Color Me Quilty!



  1. Great share! I have been wondering how a cotton top/fleece back quilt would do if you FMQ'ed it. now I know if you do good quilting it will look great.

  2. So pretty!!! I can't wait to try quilting on fleece now!

  3. Your Express Your Love quilt is fab and I LOVE the wrenly - so pretty :)

  4. Outlining printing on the fabric is perfect for FMQing! Looks great.

  5. Thank you for sharing the back of your quilt. It showcases just how lovely your quilting is.

  6. I love the yellow thread for your words. I have the spoonflower and started my words and just was not happy with them. I may try and use a different colored thread over the white and see what happens.

  7. My favorite pic here is the last one of the blue back. Just makes me want to ooh and ahhh and touch all that pretty quilted texture.

    I'm also excited to see more of your Express Your Love. Your 'font' looks very nice from what I can see. Great job!

  8. Your quilting looks great and your Express Your Love quilt is coming along nicely.

  9. Beautiful, I love working with flannel and fleece backing, it looks lucious.

  10. Love the baby quilt, it's gorgeous! Your Express Your Love is coming along beautifully! I love the swirls in the water, it reminds me of the real ocean, always turbulent and random! Happy Int'l Quilting Day!