Monday, May 13, 2013

Slow Progress

I have been a bit quiet lately. It's spring in upstate New York, which means gardening. I have what seems like MILES of garden beds. They are overwhelming in the spring. So this year I'm ripping out a lot of perennials and putting in shrubs. Yesterday I planted 5 shrubs and 4 trees. Not to worry, I still have plenty of flowers, just trying to make my gardens a little more reasonable. I mean, I need more time to sew!

Last night I did get a chance to work on my Elephant quilt.

I've got the first two panels joined using the small strip method. I've never worked on a quilt this big (queen sized). Yikes it's heavy!  Hopefully I can finish it in time for the Blogger's Quilt Festival on Friday, that is if my gardening does kill me first! ;)

Color Me Quilty!



  1. I like it! Nice progress :) Love those little quilted circles :)

  2. I just checked back on your tutorial for the small strip method, do you use glue spray or a stick. I am sure that if I used a spray I would glue myself to the quilt.

  3. Good luck with that finish! Looking good.

  4. swweeeetttt! It is getting there for sure!

  5. I am in the same boat with the gardening. Gardening used to be my first passion when i kept digging and digging new beds. Over the years to present my quilting has raced up and passed the gardening as my passion. What was I thinking. Well some beds are getting a lick and a promise this year (same as last year). Have Planted shrubs in the ones closest to the house. The ones people see when they come. Unless of course they want to take a walk around. Anyways i have learned over the years, low stress in best so I do what i can do. Love your elephant quilt! Glad you are entering!