Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Almost done! My Elephant quilt that is. All three panels are joined and the binding is made.

Pictures of the joining strips, both panels, front and back.
 I'm quite pleased with how well the joining strips blend into the design. I don't think you can tell that the quilt was made in three panels.

Binding is ready to go!
I'm a sucker for striped binding. I'm ready to put it on and finish up this quilt. This is the biggest quilt (queen size) to date I've done completely, start to finish. It WILL be done for the Blogger's Quilt Festival, just two more days

Here are this week's stats:
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Elephant quilt
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Making It Right Challenge

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  1. GO GO GO....I think you will finish it!

  2. That's a wonderful way to combine the panels. It looks lovely.

  3. squeeee! I'm so excited to see it completed! Will you be posting a tutorial on how to quilt in panels like that, or do you have a book/website you learned from? I'd love to try it! It totally doesn't look like three separate panels!

  4. I love the stripes too!! Wait until you see what I'm working on right now - you might think I have a stripe problem. :) This quilt is really coming along and looks great!

  5. I'm so drawn to these colours and the quilting looks good too.

  6. Yay! Great job Pat! Love your quilting, it looks awesome! What is that diamond one?
    I like its center.

    Can't go wrong with stripped binding!