Friday, October 18, 2013

FMQ Friday

I have to say that I haven't been very productive (sewing wise) the last few weeks, basically since I finished my Layers quilt. I think I've rested enough, so last night I decided I had to quilt up this little typewriter mug rug.

Microstippling around the typewriter.

I stitched around the keys

The back

I was able to pick up three yards of Insul-Bright last night at Jo-Ann's. It was ON SALE!
I put Insul-Bright in the mug rugs so they can be used as trivets or even pot-holders. I figured they might actually get used if they were multipurpose! Two mug rugs down, about ten more to go!

I'm linking up to day with Leah Day for FMQ Friday!

Free Motion Quilting Friday
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  1. Very cute! I have lots of insulbright laying around- I like the idea of making the mug rug with it.

  2. It's cute Pat -- you're so creative!! A bit windy here in the Finger Lakes today isn't it ? Hope you're holding up well.

  3. Yay! Thank you so much for sharing about the Insul-Bright. Being new to this hobby I love learning about different tools. I may have to head over to Joann's to pick some up for my mug mats as well.

  4. looks lovely, whatever it may be used for in the end!

  5. This is gorgeous! Are you making gifts this year? It'd be great if you want to link up with Making Christmas :)