Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ROY G BIV, That's A Lot of Fabric!

I LOVE solid fabric and I've been collecting it for a few years now. I really didn't understand just HOW MUCH solid fabric I had collected until I started organizing my fabric stash!

I seem to be heavy on the aquas and teals, but I do have a pretty good range of colors (and neutrals)!

Pieces range in size from 1/2 yard to multiple yards. I've never done a ROYGBIV (rainbow) quilt before, maybe I have one in my future!

Now just to be fair, I have collected some fabric to donate. Life is just too short to bother with fabric you just don't love like anymore.

The baggies are big, 2.5 gallon size filled with scraps. The grocery bag is filled with yardage. This all will be donated!

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  1. I have fallen in love with solids also. I think maybe it is because they show up the FMQ so well. When I started quilting, all I wanted was print fabric. Now I see the solids as a way to let the design shine.

  2. Yeah solids are definitely popular. I have started incorporating them in my quilts. Was a time when you could hardly find them if you wanted them.

  3. Where do you donate unwanted fabric?

  4. I love all of your solids! I am slowly building up my solids stash and hope to also make a rainbow quilt one day.

  5. I've always been a fan of solids so I have a collection that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Congratulations on donating the fabric. It's always nice to know that someone will turn our what was our "What was I thinking?" into something someone else will love and use.

  6. Solids are great to have around. They do such a nice job of making the rest of the stars shine. You've got some stars in there on their own too!

  7. Solids are always fun to work with and you have a great assortment!! Thanks for sharing.
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