Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Christmas Mug Rug March!

I was at a quilting retreat for the past three days. Well, it was just during the day, went home every night, but it was fun to quilt with all of my mom's quilting buddies. I mainly worked on mug rugs for Christmas.

I got five pieced and three of those quilted. Still have to trim and bind.

With the two other mug rugs I've made, I have seven of the twelve I need for Christmas gifts done. Getting there.

My Making Christmas List So Far: (I'm sure to add more)

Sewing List
12 Mug Rugs - One done, six in-process
Alter 3 Shirts - given to me by a family member two years ago (that will teach them not to give me clothing to work on!!!)

Non-sewing list
Peanut Brittle

Linking up with Kristy at Quiet Play for Making Christmas week 3 (this is my first week, I'm a bit behind)


Color Me Quilty!



  1. All very nice. I'm in love with the quilted daisies on the yellow.

  2. These are gorgeous! More like art quilts that mud rugs :)

  3. These are lovely! Your quilting is just gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful Pat. So far i have knit one sock for xmas...i am way behind lol. Heather x

  5. those are some intense mug rugs! i'd be afraid to put a mug on anything so intricate and pretty. =)