Monday, October 8, 2012

4th Quarter and 4 To Go!

You may think I'm talking football, but I'm talking Quilter in the Gap's Finish Along 2012!

My Score:

1st Quarter: I had three projects on my list!
       Completed: 1 - Hip To Be Square quilt

2nd Quarter: I had nine projects on my list
        Completed: 5

3rd Quarter: I had eight projects on my list
       Completed: 6 - two pillows, two quilts, two minis

So on to the 4th Quarter List: I have just four projects - All due for Christmas (or before)!

1. My second Storybook Quilt. This was on my list since the first quarter. I finished the first quilt in the second quarter, but the pressure is now for her sister's quilt.

2. Expanding Possibilities. I finished this quilt top over a year ago. I have now promised to donate it to a wonderful kids charity, due just before Christmas.

3. Purple Heart wall hanging. One of my mom's UFO's, turned into one of my UFOs. Planned as a Christmas give to a family member.

4. Library Quilt.  I have been working on this pretty steadily for the past month. It NEEDS to be finished. It will hang in the Geneva Public Library. Since I have 2012 date on it, it must be given this year!!!!

I have completed twelve projects so far this year on Quilter in the Gap Finish Along (FAL).  I will have sixteen if I complete these four remaining projects. I'm pretty happy with that score! Thanks Ronda for hosting this FAL!

Linking up with Ronda at Quilter in the Gap for the 4th Quarter FAL!!!

2012 Finish-A-Long

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  1. You have made an impressive list of beautiful work this year. Four to go sound doable.

  2. I'll be cheering you on! You can do it!

  3. Great job Pat! They are all beautiful.

  4. Great job Pat! They are all beautiful.

  5. Great job Pat! They are all beautiful.

  6. Great job Pat! They are all beautiful.

  7. Great job on your finish-a-longs! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them finished! :)