Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stay-cation Day 2: A Finish!

Finished size 58" x 71"
I started this quilt sometime in July or August 2011. The top was completed in September 2011. I made the back and basted it in March 2012. I finished quilting and binding it today, November 18, 2012. So to say I'm glad it's done would be an understatement. But what I'm over the moon about is that this quilt is going to a teen in need of a safe place. I'm donating it to the Quilt Angel Project (Gene Black, An Alabama Artist and Quilter) for The Ogden House. I'm hoping that the teen that receives this quilt will feel all of the love that I stitched into it with almost two miles of thread and that they feel safe to snuggle underneath.
I stitched the words, Soar, Fly and Rise into the middle of the quilt

The back

Flange binding from the front

Binding from the back
The binding was supposed to be a faux piped binding, but I cut my binding strip the wrong size. So the piping looks more like a flange, but I think it still looks okay.

I named this quilt Expanding Possibilities well before I knew I was going to donate it. It was the first quilt that I made of my own design. I kept taking it apart and reorganizing it, the possible variations on the design seemed endless, which became the theme for the quilt. I hope that the teen who receives this quilt will understand, that although times are tough right now, their future is bright as long as they focus on their Expanding Possibilities.

I will need to make a label for it, before I send it off. Thanks Gene for giving me this opportunity to participate as a Quilt Angel.

Two more WIP/UFOs to go! But before I get going on my next project, someone is patiently waiting for his walk!

Humphrey Bogart!

I'm linking up today with Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project for UFO Sunday!

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  1. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! I love everything about it! What a generous heart you have to donate such a work of art to a teen in need. I'm sure whoever receives that quilt will truely appreciate it!

  2. WOW! Pat this is an amazing quilt. I know for sure that it will be loved and cherished. I hope I get to see it chosen when we deliver the quilts. I am sure everyone will be oohing and ahhhing over it.

  3. Wow! your quilt looks stunning. I loved it how you incorporated those inspiring words in the middle. Did you add a monogram too in the bottom?

    Your quilting looks awesome. That teen is going to very lucky and would greatly appreciate all the love you put into this.

  4. Very lovely! You did a great job with that.

  5. Awesome. Love the design, the colors and all the fine quilting. I did one for Gene.

  6. Your quilt is outstanding. I love your design and how you used Lea's quilting lessons throughout the quilt. Great job.

  7. That is amazing...any teen that receives this will definitely feel the love and possibilities.

  8. This is amazingly gorgeous! Wow!

  9. It's beautiful, great colours and a lot of texture from the different FMQ designs! I hope it brings someone a lot of comfort.

  10. Wow! That is one stunning quilt. I don't doubt it will make someone's spirit soar.

  11. It's a beautiful quilt! There is a lucky teenager out there!

  12. Great job on this beautiful quilt! Congrats.

  13. Wow I think your quilting is AMAZING! Such a great idea to donate the quilt to a great project! Lovely idea Pat!