Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stay-cation Day 4: Storybook Quilt # 2 Underway

I've gotten a bit distracted on my stay-cation, I started cleaning out closets. I now have 8 garbage bags of clothes to give away and an equal number to throw out. Why oh why do I hang onto stuff for so long. The good news is that I now have more room for quilting stuff. ;)

I did get a start on constructing the embroidered blocks for Storybook quilt #2. This quilt is almost identical to Storybook quilt #1, with just some subtle changes.

I do hope that my acquired granddaughters like the quilts. That is if I can get them done before they are in their teens (currently 8 and 5 years old).

I'm hoping I can get a few more blocks done today, but I have to start getting ready for Thanksgiving.

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  1. The blocks look great. I am sure you will get them done in time. hehehee

  2. These are so cute Pat! I've learned over the years that when I get a cleaning/sorting/organizing urge to drop everything and go with the flow... otherwise it just keeps multiplying until the next one comes along. I'm too wishy-washy most of the time to get rid of stuff.