Monday, January 13, 2014

Meet Elisabeth Louise

Yes, I name all of my machines and Elisabeth Louise is royalty! She's a Baby Lock Tiara! I got her from Quilters Corner because their service and support are excellent!

I live in a very rural area and Elisabeth Louise may be royalty, but the name is just a bit pretentious, so I will be calling her Betty-Lou. I think that will help her fit in just perfectly! I even rearranged and cleaned up my sewing room, just for her arrival.

Still have plenty of room for my husband's visiting chair.
I'm pretty impressed that everything have fit so well into this room, it isn't that big. Betty-Lou is running pretty well so far, although I haven't really put her through her paces yet. I'm excited that next weekend is a long weekend (MLK Day), so hopefully I can really test her out.

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  1. Wow, it looks great. I can't wait to hear how you like Betty Lou (I think she is royalty incognito with that name!)

  2. Firstly I am super envious of your sewing room, its amazing and seems supper efficient! Secondly welcome.Betty-Lou! She's a beauty! I can't wait to see your fmq on her!

  3. I want your sewing room! WOW! The space! Okay...I have it good here too, it's my own fault I'm not organized...LOL! It's nice to meet Betty Lou. I can't wait to see what you do with that Royal machine!

  4. Your sewing room/studio is beautiful. I'm glad you name your machines; they all deserve a name since we spend so much time with them!

  5. What a great space to be creative in...such a wonderful machine and I cannot wait to hear how she paces out.

  6. Love the room! I also love the panel that you are working on! Do you mind me asking what brand of fabric it is? I don't work a lot with panels but I love a good selection when I do! Congrats on the fantastic new addition to your sewing room!

  7. How much space do you have under the arm, Pat ? it looks BIG! It will be easy to quilt large quilts. What a treasure! I love your sewing space.

  8. I love your sewing room! I also have a great Babylock dealer. He is No. 8 in the nation. I'm sure you will enjoy that machine.