Friday, January 31, 2014

Paisley and Swirls

I have to say, I LOVE FMQ Friday. Leah Day has given me so much more courage to work through and issues, she's made me a confident quilter. So this week, I've been quilting away on my Red Window quilt and I think it's coming along nicely.

 I finished the red section Wednesday and moved on to quilting both of the sides - swirls and paisely
 I'm doing different size swirls. I like that they are really sort of 3D.
 I still have a bit left to quilt.
 The back is dark brown fleece and the quilting really shows up on it. I think this quilt will be very snuggily.
 The paisley side is going a bit slower. I really love paisley, almost all of my quilts have it somewhere on them.

 Still a bit more to stitch on this side.
My quilting is going sooooo much better, since I now have my machine threaded properly. Funny how that is.

Today I'm linking up with Leah for FMQ Project Link Up.

 Color Me Quilty!



  1. Looking great! That paisley takes more time than you would think.

  2. Your quilting looks great! Spirals were the first design that I actually felt comfortable doing. . . I said felt comfortable doing, I didn't say I was great at doing them ;) LOL

  3. I can't agree more with you about the courage one gets from Leah Day. Her quilting ideas are inspiring, but her candor about her personal struggles touches my heart. I love your paisleys, and that is one of my faves too; I find it very natural and rhythmic to quilt.

  4. I love your paisleys and I share your opinion about Leah!

  5. I love that you varied the sizes of your makes it really interesting. Thanks for showing your paisleys, too. Your's look so nice that I'm thinking I'd better give them a try. Good Job!

  6. Beautiful job Pat! Love both designs ... Congratulations!

  7. Looking good! I love the texture and movement in paisley.

  8. That quilt work is amazing--such movement..............I can't stop looking.

  9. Paisley Is one of my favs. Love spirals too. Really looks great!

  10. Beautiful! Your quilting is stunning, Pat. It's been fun to watch your talent grow and grow over the past year! :D