Friday, February 7, 2014

Express Your Love Goddess Quilting

Who would have thought that you could stitch "Hobbit Holes" (Leah Day's design this week) on a Goddess quilt, but I think they work great.

I also took a stab at quilting the actual goddess on the quilt.

Quilting on this quilt (Spoonflower panel designed by Leah Day) has really taught me so much more that just free motion quilting designs. It's opened me up to trying different and unexpected things from what "convention" says they should be. It really has allowed me to express my love.

Of course today I'm linking up with Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project for the FMP Link-Up!

 Color Me Quilty!



  1. Yes, I can see you are getting more adventurous. It looks great and I wish I could get away from the more conventional FMQ, but somehow when I am sitting in front of it the doubts and hesitations come up and I often end up going with what I know. You are such an inspiration.

  2. I hope someday my stitches are as even as yours!

  3. Cool! So neat to see another version of this quilt! I have been watching the videos from last year on you tube lately. Really looks awesome.

  4. very cool. I love what you did with the Goddess.

  5. Wow, your FMQing is going from strength to strength!

  6. What beautiful work you have done with her. I keep looking at mine and i am way too chicken to even start it. But I am practicing a lot and I plan on using mny designs from Leahs 365 book. Plus I like many of the new designs since the book. Ugh. Too many decisions. i dont want to mess it us

    Thank you for posting and giving me some more inspiration

  7. Lovely, Pat. It will be done in no time!