Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spray Basting Using Boards

Recently, I shared pin basting a quilt using 1"x3" boards. But given the chance,  I really prefer to spray baste. (Spray baste doesn't stick to poly batting). Since I picked up cotton batting for my Grandma's quilt, I decided to give spray basting using the boards a try. I had to make a few modifications, this is how I did it with spray baste.

I started by wrapping both the top and back right side in on the boards. This is the big difference from the pin basting with boards method.
Then starting with the back, I laid the the batting on the table and sprayed a section. I unrolled the back of the quilt onto the sprayed batting smoothing it as I went. I then flipped the back over to have the batting on top.

I sprayed a table width section of batting, unrolled the top, and smoothed it down.

I did need to play with the quilt top for a while to get it smooth, but this was SO MUCH easier than do it on the floor or putting 3 or 4 tables together.

This quilt is 70"x 80", I now can't imagine basting a big quilt any other way.

Color Me Quilty!



  1. I will certainly be back to this post when I'm ready to quilt the HUGE bowser quilt. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love spray basting, it's so much easier!!!

  3. I have become a spray baste convert I have to admit! With pinning I had many issues with puckering and tucks in the backs of my quilts while FMQ'ing an absolute pain I tell you!!
    Since I got suckered into trying spray baste I've not had ANY problems at all with puckers or tucks, the fabric moves as it needs to not to mention no more dirty knees or kneeling on hard floors to pin baste!

  4. Thank you for figuring this out! I've been trying to 'wrap' my head around it (no pun intended), even did a mockup with little bits of fabric and popsicle sticks ;), the secret is BOTH boards right side in. Thank you! Oh, and you saved me just in time - really? spray baste doesn't stick to poly batting? Who would have thunk. Love your blog.

  5. Being quite new to quilting..what is the brand of spray do you use? Thanks for sharing and I have already bought my 1x3's and have top and bottom rolled. Tsc

    1. 505 spray. It is the safest brand I know of. I heard a story that the inventor would spray it on a piece of bread and eat it to prove it was safe. Not sure I would do that, but I feel pretty good about using it.

  6. Thank you for the basting tutorials. I will have to give this a try. Can you post about how you machine quilt? Or are you hand quilting?

  7. this worked beautifully--I used old broom handles for a crib sized quilt and had not realized that the problem I had last time was because I had poly batting. With the cotton batting this step was a breeze. Thanks.