Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm a Lucky Girl

I have a wonderful blended family. We had a lovely dinner out at the Boat Yard Grill for my birthday, earlier this week. It's hard having a birthday the week before Christmas, but the family really came through with very thoughtful gifts. I just have to share, since most of them are quilty or handmade.

My Stepdaughter, Beth, made this fabulous felted purse. Yes, she knit it and then felted it herself.

The colors don't show up as vibrant as they do in real life. It's a really nice size, not too big, not too small. I'm sure it will be soon filled with lots of treasures.

My other Stepdaughter, Jen, gave me a gift certificate to Quilters Corner (my favorite local quilt shop).
I think I may have to try out some Quilters Dream Puff batting. It's supposed to be warmer than down, but lighter. And it's supposed to quilt beautifully. Hmmm, Jen does love a warm blanket to sleep under.

Now, my wonderful husband didn't disappoint either. I have been wanting an extra bobbin case, so that I can have one set for thin threads, like Aurifil and Isacord and one set for thick threads like King Tut (or some of the thicker Aurifil threads if I can ever find someone local that carries them).

I even scored big from my son-not-in-law, he gave me a new crockpot, the kind with the lockable lid. It will be put to very good use around here. As a matter of fact, Christmas Eve it will hold some BBQ Ribs. Yummy.

Birthdays and Christmas time can get chaotic at times, but I know that I'm very thankful for all of the love I have received this season.

Okay, back to quilting!

Color Me Quilty!


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