Sunday, December 23, 2012

Finishing in the Nick of Time!

Or should I say finishing in time for old St. Nick! I just finished hand stitching the binding on Storybook # 2 quilt. I'm pretty excited about both of my Storybook quilts (click here to see Storybook # 1), hoping that my acquired granddaughters will love them too. I am working not to set too high of an expectation, kids will be kids. But what I do know is how much I cherish the handmade gifts I received from my grandma, many years ago. Sometimes it just takes time and perspective.

As with any story, it started "Once upon a time...".

How the story goes from here, really can be different from whom ever tells the story.



I used a form of "Spiral Ornament" motif to quilt the border.

Hand stitched the binding.
 The only thing I can hope for is that the story ends "Happily ever after...".
It has taken a year to complete both quilts. I am very proud of both of them.

Storybook # 1 back
Storybook # 1 front
The quilts are almost the same with just some slight variations. The order of the blocks is different, the Fairy Frost is a different color purple. The backing is different and the border quilting is different. I'm hoping just different enough for the sisters to appreciate the uniqueness of the quilts.

I'm linking up with UFO Sunday, with a smile on my face, know one more UFO is complete (except for the label).
UFO Sundays on the Free Motion Quilting Project

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  1. Well done Pat! I've watched you making these all year and it fantastic to see the end result. I'm sure your granddaughters will treasure them.

  2. Yeah for you finishing these gorgeous quilts in time! I'm sure your granddaughters will love them.

  3. What a great idea! I love these and I'm sure your grandaughters will too!

  4. This is simply stunning, mega well done

  5. Awe! It's beautiful! I'm sure they will both be cherished!

  6. Those are great, Pat! You are right that things are often appreciated more with time, but I think most little girls would love those right now! What great little girl quilts.

  7. These are wonderful :D How old are the girls? Some ages are really tricky, eh? If they don't adore them right away, they will love them later on.

  8. wow pat those are pretty impressive quilts...lucky little girls