Sunday, December 9, 2012

Labeled and Squared

Sometimes you have to break down and do the parts of a hobby that are not your favorite things to do. I think that is true of almost any project. I dislike cutting, trimming, squaring, etc., but sometimes you just need to do it.

My Storybook #2 quilt blocks are now all trimmed and squared. Time to get cracking and get the Storybook blocks joined.

Jagged edge
Cleaner edge

It really helps to occasionally change your rotary blade. On the left side is a "chewed" cut, the right much smoother.

I also finally took the time to label and wash my Expanding Possibilities quilt. Seriously, it's due in Alabama by Wednesday!!!  It WILL go out express tomorrow.

I'm linking up with Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project for UFO Sunday
UFO Sundays on the Free Motion Quilting Project

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  1. Great label. That is my least favorite too. Maybe you can do a tutorial in the new year. I have never seen how to properly do a label. I just wing and it seems i do it a bit diff each time.

  2. The quilting on your storybook block looks fantastic. I can't wait to see more!

  3. I hate cutting in prep for piecing but I don't mind the squaring up part. Thanks for reminding me I need to make labels for my Christmas quilts!! Love yours, btw!

  4. I love trimming, it looks so neat. But yes, it is time consuming.
    New blade on the rotary cutter saves you lot of headache.
    Great job in getting all your blocks squared off. Can't wait to see your quilt put together.