Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIPing on the Layers

My stepdaughter's wedding was Saturday. It was absolutely lovely. But the big thing is, I didn't finish their wedding present yet. I'm still WIPping on my Layers quilt. One of the big problems, I didn't have enough batting or fabric to finish the borders. Monday was the first chance I got to go to Quilters Corner for the front fabric and batting. I had to order the Madrona Road text fabric, which should arrive today. With the batting, I had enough fabric to do the sides, so last night I got one side on.

Side border on and basted

Back side of the border
Adding borders QAYG is fairly easy. The hardest part is handling all of the fabric.

Sandwich the border fabric, right sides together

Top and back fabric, pin securely. Stitch together with a normal quarter inch seam.

Cut a piece of batting with a nice straight edge and butt in to the seam. Zigzag in to the seam allowance.
Once that's done, just flip the front and back fabric over the batting, baste and quilt as desired.

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  1. You're in the home stretch, Pat! Congratulations on your stepdaughters wedding... I'm sure she and her new husband will love their quilt!

  2. I'm so impressed with this technique! Thanks for showing your process so clearly.

    I know the bride and groom will agree this quilt is worth the wait!

  3. Yes congrats! Thanks for sharing your work. They'll love it.