Monday, March 3, 2014

Reverse Applique'

I've seen several examples online and locally of reverse applique'. I've always wanted to try it, so when my guild set out to construct a quilt to be donated to benefit The Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, I decided this was the time to try it out - small scale.

Since the quilt is going to be raffled off at a special benefit show at the Hangar Theatre, I thought it may be appropriate to use theater masks in the block.

 The reverse applique' was really quite easy. I traced my image on to the red fabric, then put the grey fabric under it and stitched the pattern. Then very carefully it cut away the top (red) fabric (seriously the most stressful part of the block). Presto!
Cancer leads to so many emotions, fluctuating between hope and despair. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this quilt comes together.  Check out IMQG's blog for more of the blocks.

I'm linking up today to Anything Goes Monday being hosted at Val's Quilting Studio.

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  1. This is SOO cool!! I have totally shied away from ALL applique - I'm in awe of anyone who gives it a try :) Congrats on the awesomeness that is this block!

  2. Ah....that looks pretty simple. I bet even I could do that type applique. I have another idea too. You could have the design on some onionskin paper over the top fabric if you didn't want to mark the fabric- and you would have lines to sew on. I would do a straight stitch and then zig zag or whatever after I tore the paper off though.