Friday, March 14, 2014

The Tree Quilt

I have been finishing up projects right along, so it only seems fitting that I start one this week. I know, I still have more I could finish up, but really a girl gotta have some fun.

This quilt started by cleaning/organizing some fabrics. I just loved the colors.

It's not done, I've got to sew on the teal/white strip and I want another border of the dark grey. What I have done though is stitch out a couple of samples of what quilting I want to do on this quilt. Leah Day always quilts some samples to test out her ideas, I thought I would do the same.

Infinity Tree - Leah's design # 365
 I have always liked Leah's Infinity tree design. I think it will look good in the citron yellow blocks.

This wood grain design is for the dark grey areas of the quilt. I think the medium grey will be paisley of some sort - to look like leaves. I'll have to play with that too.
My own wood grain design.

 Hopefully, this will be a tree that hugs back. ;)

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  1. Your tree looks spectacular! I tried that design once. . . mine didn't look much like a tree ;)

  2. The tree looks amazing as does the wood grain. I do like to see your quilts, maybe I will have a go one day.

  3. Oh wow! I love your tree. Gorgeous!

  4. Wow! I love it your tree! It's look wonderful!

  5. I love your tree. A fun and interesting design.

  6. Love the infinity tree. Fantastic job on your woodgrain design! Very much like what I do on tree trunks in my landscapes--and fun to stitch!

  7. whoa! Love the tree bark, I recently made a quilt with a tree on it and the trunk wasn't standing out very much so I ran over it with a shiva stick :)

  8. Your quilt is very nice. I love the colors and the design. Also, your tree and tree bark are great!