Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day: 2011 in Review!

1. Tadd's Quilt, 2. oven mitt, 3. oven mitt, 4. Fish Pillow Back, 5. Fish Pillow Front, 6. Turtle pillow Back, 7. Turtle pillow Front, 8. A little bit of wonky 001, 9. Big Girl Pants 024, 10. Co-worker Christmas and other stuff 037, 11. Giveaway Purse 002, 12. Cubic Rhythm Final 004, 13. glue and binding 007, 14. Last of the stockings 002, 15. dog mats 002, 16. Wonky Potholders - Red, 17. Wonky Potholders-Orange, 18. stockings, 19. stockings, 20. Ladies of the Lake pillows, 21. Quilty Purse # 3, 22. Free Motion Bird 002, 23. Colors to dye for 013, 24. Expanding Possibilities Quilt Top DONE 003, 25. Bears and Moose, Oh My! 001, 26. Another Quilty Purse 009, 27. 2011 summer quilts 002, 28. Mermaid potholder 1 001, 29. quilted purse 1, 30. Transitions Quilt

I've come a long way in 2011. I feel like I've started to find my own style in quilting, bright, bold and happy. Blogging has changed me, I love the new friends I have met and have cherished their support and encouragement. I am looking forward to some of the challenges and quilt-a-longs in 2012. But most of all I'm looking forward to growing in my creativity through the inspiration from this fabulous quilty community and meeting many more wonderful friends!

Happy New Year!

I'm linking up with Lynne at Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day 2012!

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  1. Love the sound of your style, bright bold and happy!

  2. That's a lovely, colourful 2011 you've had. I especially like the turtle pillow. The border fabric is too cute

  3. Happy new year, onward and upward!

  4. Happy New Year! I'm loving your transitions quilt even though I tend to stay away from blue and purple so that just means it's extra great :)

  5. Hello,
    Stopping by from the Small Blog Meet. Love the bags, I haven't made one yet because they seem so difficult.
    Happy New Year.

  6. what a great year... isn't it so fun to look back at everything? happy new year!

  7. great things. love colors or the glue and binding 007! really fun to see it all. thanks for sharing and have a great day