Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Christmas Grand Finale!

For most of the Christmas Season, I linked up with the fabulous Janine at Rainbow Hare Quilts for Making Christmas. Today is the GRAND FINALE where we all get to show off just how much we made for Christmas.

17 Christmas Stocking, all lined and with machine embroidered names
7 Machine embroidered hand towels
6 Wonky, quilted potholders
4 Machine embroidered, quilted pillows
2 Machine embroidered, quilted iPad cases
2 Machine embroidered, quilted dog mats
1 Pair of quilted oven mitts
1 63"x 63" lap quilt - the first quilt I ever FMQed!!!!

I think everyone enjoyed their gift (at least to my face)!  Thank you Janine for hosting such a great link that kept me on track and on time!  I would like to think that I will start making Christmas a little earlier next year, but don't count on it!

Linking up with Rainbow Hare Quilts to see a huge Making Christmas Finale!


  1. You were certainly busy this Christmas...Love the projects!

  2. Wow, Pat! I knew you were busy, but that is an amazing list!!

  3. That is just certainly did do alot.