Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Kingdom for Chrysanthemum {#1940}

Embroidery Library design

I have been wanting to finish up the embroidery for my storybook quilts, but I was running dangerously low on Mettler Poly Sheen Chrysanthemum #1940. Machine embroidery uses a huge amount of thread even for little projects.
Could not find it locally!!!!

Honest, I had to get a little more thread....Red Rock Threads have a $5 flat shipping fee.
 Sew now I have one more new embroidery design to stitch for the first storybook quilt, then 3 repeats for the second quilt. Then I'll at least be done with the embroidery for both quilts.

But before I do anything else, Humphrey really, really wants to go for a walk. It's supposed to be almost 50 F today!
Color Me Quilty!



  1. hope he enjoyed his walk and you were able to get back to the sewing xx

  2. He really needed that walk. Almost as much as you needed that thread. Almost. I hope he enjoyed it almost as much as you enjoyed the embroidery too.

  3. We have had temps of almost 80F here! I had to laugh when I saw you ran out of thread. I have been trying to use up all my old threads so I can go try out some new lines of threads. Unfortunately I started quilting a project not realizing I had very little of a particular color of green! In the process of ripping out all of the threads, taking so much longer than I imagined, now that is a FMQ experiment gone wrong! I love how the castle turned out, it is super cute!!!