Monday, January 30, 2012

Whipping Up a Baby Quilt!

This week's homework from Leah Day's Quilt Along is to stitch following a line. In the video she showed a "cheater" quilt (a quilt printed on fabric), so I thought about a panel that I have had for some time. So this weekend, I whipped up this cute little baby quilt to use to practice stitching on the line.
Center panel and for corner squares added into the plaid border

I love the bright colors!

The quilt top is done, and it's all sandwiched and basted, ready to quilt! Sew now, I have to "shut up and go quilt"!

Today I'm linking up with Manic Monday and Sew Modern Monday!

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  1. that is a cute panel. Following lines is always hard form me. I want to go slow to make them straight and the slower I go, the less straight they are! Good luck with the quilting, I hope you post it when your done.