Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aurifil Thread and Heart Leaves

Last week, I mentioned in my post for Leah Day's QAL Wednesdays, an issue I was having with Aurifil thread breaking when I free motion quilted. I know that Aurifil is a high quality cotton thread and should work fabulously with FMQ. When I switched to Isacord thread (polyester), I didn't have any problems (although I did have to lower my thread tension from 4.0 to 1.0). I got a great response from people offering several different solutions. To my great surprise, Alex Veronelli from Aurifil actually responded to my blog (he even posted my problem on their facebook page, talk about transparency!!!). I have been in quality management for 25 years and even a senior Baldrige examiner (Malcolm Baldrige is the highest quality award given in the U.S.), and what separates a good company from a great company is, in my opinion, customer service. Aurifil is a GREAT company! I emailed Alex back and asked for some ideas. He was wonderful and emailed back several possible solutions. Leah Day was also wonderful in offering a solution to use a spool stand. I tried the spool stand first and it worked like a charm. Not only did the Aurifil thread work great, but I didn't have to lower my tension with either the Aurifil or Isacord thread. Isn't the blogisphere wonderful!!!

Sew on with heart leaves! SewCalGal is having a FMQ challenge and this month was heart leaves. I did practice this pattern several times.
First practice  
Stitched into my FMQ sampler quilt

Close up of the stitching
Finally in my extra quilt block for Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL using Aurifil thread!!! 

So a big THANK YOU to everyone who offered solutions!

Today I'm linking up with SewCalGal and A Quilt Story - Fabric Tuesday. I hope everyone is having a great day!

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  1. How awesome! Glad you found a workable solution.

  2. He also posted it on G+ which is why I came here :)

  3. Hi Pat, just read it on Aurifil's FB. You're famous!

  4. Isn't it wonderful to know that people still want to help other people :) A spool stand will be my next purchase for sure!

  5. I luuuurrrve Aurifil thread, so fine and smooth it looks so great when you free motion with it. I'm glad you sorted out your problems with it, because it's such great stuff. And I agree - the blog world is fantastic - go Aurifil!!

  6. How does the spool stand work? I am very curious.
    I am impressed that they got back to you so well!

  7. beautiful fmq! love it! I am v impressed with Aurifil customer service. I use their thread too mostly and it is excellent value and quality. Totally awesome how they helped you and Leah too! A spool stand sounds like a good plan!

  8. Beautiful FMQ! Glad you've found a solution for the thread.

  9. I'm glad you were able to solve the problem. Thank you for sharing!