Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sew Cal Gal FMQ Challenge for July

Well, I'm just making under the wire for Sew Cal Gal's FMQ Challenge for July! I struggled mightily this month, not so much with the design (I loved Angela Walters' design), but my new sewing machine. Miss Frances (my new machine) was showing me whose boss and I think she won this round! I think I had some serious operator error or something.

I think I broke about 1/2 a dozen needles just stitching this much!

A lovely bird's nest on the back

Luckily this stitched up nicely

At my local quilt shop (Quilters Corner), where I bought the machine, they have a "Make Your Own Class" next Friday. Bring a project you are struggling with and they have someone there to help. Well, I signed up and will take this project. I think the problem is the thread (Isacord), it seams to want to twist. I know I had lots problems when I first started FMQ on my Babylock Ellegante. I just think this is part of the learning curve!

Today I'm linking up with Sew Cal Gal for July's FMQ Challenge and A Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday.

Color Me Quilty!



  1. Oh FMQ! We`ve all been there. I am sure you can sort it out and what you have done looks great!

  2. Darn about the birds nest. The front looks so good. Love your wavy lines.

  3. Sorry to hear you are having troubles. That is what was happening to me and i switched to Isacord and troubles seemed to stop. It does seem to help if the thread unravels a certain way. I use the cones with cone adapter. I found i broke needles when i pulled the fabric too fast so it was hitting the side of the hole. I never have to touch the tension. When i switch to the sensory FMQ i leave it on the default. I am sure it is just a getting used to the rhythum of your machine. medium speed seems to work best for me. Hang in there. Will be interested to know what you find out at your class.

  4. Wow...that sounds frustrating. Don't use Isacord so cannot comment on that but I have found that this machine has been more sensitive than the older Pfaff model that I had before. For me it was using the right size needle with the right weight thread that did the trick. So when I use Aurifil 50/2 for example, I use a 70/10 needle and the machine is happy.

  5. sorry to here you are having so many issues...most things are a learning curve...but darn why does the curve have to be so steep...chug on little engine who could

  6. Hope you can figure it out in the class! I like sewing there, because there is usually someone around who knows how to fix whatever is going wrong!

  7. Darned learning curve, hate that. ;o)
    Very good idea to take the class and work out the burds nests.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  8. I'm just hopping around some of the challenge posts, but I gather from another comment that you have a Pfaff. I quilt on one and I find it works better with the feed dogs up and using a single hole throat plate. Solved a lot of problems for me. : )
    That is a very pretty design you are putting in your tiles.