Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Branching Out and Getting It Together

I am not going to start another project, until I can finish up some of my WIPs! I'm drawing a line in the sand, or should I say, stitching a line in the fabric! But that doesn't mean, I'm not going to do my homework. I just have to work it into some of my current projects. I liked this week's homework from Leah Day and it fit nicely into my wonky/improv quilt.

 What a fun little sketchy design! It give great texture too.

Good news regarding last week's question to Leah regarding bobbin tension, Isacord and Aurifil seem to be happy at the same bobbin tension (same top tension too for that matter).

My question for Leah this week: I seem to struggle with quilting a big quilt, especially when the majority of the quilt is in my lap. It seems to get caught on the front edge of my acrylic extension table. My machine is at a good height for me (I've lowered my table and raised my chair). Short of getting one of the cool Gidget II tables (which is on my wish list, but isn't going to happen any time soon), any suggestions on how to keep my quilt from dragging on the front edge?

I did get to work on another project this week, my Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL quilt. I got all of the blocks joined into rows and the first two rows joined.

I liked this funky little plaid for joining the blocks.

I used this QAYG method to join the blocks. Seems to work for me.
My goal is to have this finished next week. Totally doable if I don't get distracted.

My stats are:

In-process: (10)
Wonky/Improve QAL quilt -  (Continue to quilt)
Purple heart wall hanging ( needs borders, backing, quilting and binding)
Expanding Possibilities quilt (Continue to quilt)
Storybook quilt # 2 - All embroidery is done
Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL quilt (join the rows and bind)
Geneva Public Library quilt - join and quilt (maybe make a block or two to even it out)
Sew Cal Gal's March FMQ Challenge - Need to bind.
Sew Cal Gal's April FMQ Challenge - Need to make into a pillow.
Sew Cal Gal's May FMQ Challenge - Need to make into a pillow
Sew Cal Gal June FMQ Challenge - Need to bind.

New projects: (0)
At least I didn't start any new projects this week!

Finished (0)

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and The Free Motion Quilting Project for QAL Wednesday

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  1. That is a gorgeous FMQ design. And it works so well with the natural colors of the fabric.

  2. That is such a great filler design! I used it on a twin size quilt I made for my son's bed a couple years ago. I found it to be about the same difficulty level as meandering, but i think it has a more modern look than meandering. At the very least it looks different than meandering which is what I wanted - a different look but doable for my skill level at the time.

  3. You did a great job. I thought to start again after my holliday, but now I hurted my ankel and I am in plaster.

  4. What gorgeous texture!

  5. Beautiful job on the quilting!

  6. Your Bare Branches look great! ~Jeanne

  7. Branch quilting how gorgeous is that!! You did an excellent job!

  8. I am totally lost on how you did that quilting design.
    I'm barely trying simple machine quilting at this point.

  9. Very pretty branches! Great to see your Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL quilt coming together!

  10. Your work looks beautiful! Love all the branches!