Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Oh I like it when I can catch up, even if it's just for a little while. Last night I decided to FMQ row three of Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL. I'm quite happy with my results.

Stitched this as my extra block from week 1

These blocks were lots of fun to stitch. I loved the thread build up on the "Landscape" block. Now I needed to stitch another block, since my quilt is 5 blocks wide. I had started this block for row 2, but had put it aside, because I was having skipped stitches. Since these other blocks had stitched up so beautifully, I decided to finish the block.
I started getting skipped stitches again! I'm using Aurifil thread and Alex Veronelli had helped me with a previous problem, one of the suggestions he had was "Warm and Natural has a scrim in it which can affect the quilting.  It also makes a top and bottom to the batting.  The bottom should be the rougher looking side since their needles have punched through the batt and scrim in that direction."
When I looked at the batting direction, sure enough it was backward, textured side up. All of the other blocks that stitched so beautifully had the textured side down. I have to say, it really helps when you actually do what the experts tell you to do!!! Thanks Alex!

Textured side

Smooth side
I guess that's how we learn. Needless to say, I really pleased with my results so far on this quilt.

I'm linking up with Laura at Quokka Quilts for our QAYGFMQQAL and A Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday!


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  1. Great work on your FMQ! Before you know it, you'll do it with your eyes closed.

  2. The FMQ is gorgeous. I really like the landscape pattern with just a tiny bit of thread build up, give it even more texture and dimension. I really like the last one too, kinda reminds me of bamboo. Great job.

  3. Love your blocks! and the colors you've chosen...the tip is well worth the read! Thanks!

  4. I use mostly Hobbs 80/20 these days because it is more readily available in my area for some reason than Warm and Natural. I knew that W&N has a top and bottom side but I didn't know it could cause skipped stitches when sandwiched wrong!! I have had skipped stitches when using a different weight thread on the top and bobbin. Also when using the wrong needle for the fabrics/job. I never thought to check the batting though. I'll file this tip away for next time. Thanks for the info!

  5. great tip about batting! i never knew there was a "up" side!

  6. Your quilting is looking fantastic! I really like the 1st block with the leaves... gorgeous!

  7. I am over here visiting from Lynn's blog. I'm an Aurifil lover, too. :-) That's really interesting about the batting direction. I will have to pay more attention to how I have it laid out from now on. Thanks!

    P.S. I'm about to start the Urban 9-Patch quilt, because I saw what Lynn was doing with it. I was teasing her, saying it was all her fault I'm about to embark on YET ANOTHER project (as if I don't have enough UFOs around....LOL. After reading her post today, I see you're the one who got her going on that. So, I guess you're actually the one I should be blaming. I guess I can let Lynn off the hook now. Haha!

  8. Your FMQ looks awesome Pat! I will definately be looking for right and wrong sides on batting now. I really like the green colour on the 'sea oats' block :D

  9. You may have just solved my FMQ problem with this top and bottom side thing. I'll have to go check how my latest quilt sandwich Is oriented! Thanks :D

  10. Nice to see your stitching - great work! Thanks for the tip about the batting too!

  11. Your blocks look great! Thanks so much for the batting tip - who knew?! ~Jeanne

  12. Looks awesome! You've done a really good job with these! :)