Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Ringmaster: A Look Under the Big Top!

Ever curious what goes into machine embroidery? I thought some of you might like to see, since I had to stitch out the Ringmaster for an iPad case I'm making.
You start be finding a design you like. This one is from Urban Threads called the Ringmaster. When you purchase the design, you can download it directly to your computer.

You transfer the design to you sewing machine with a flash drive (some machines use special cards)

The design is then pulled up on your machine

You have to have a lot of embroidery thread on hand so that you have the right colors for your design.

I like to set the thread out in order it is going to be used as the design is stitched.

I also use prewound bobbins

You need to hoop your fabric with stabilizer (stabilizer help keep you design flat, minimizes puckering)
This relatively small design has 26307 stitches, that will take 49 minutes to stitch (not including the time to change the thread) and there are 11 thread changes.

A look at the design as it is being stitched out. You really need to sit near the machine, just in case there are any problems (i.e. thread jams, birds nests, etc.)

I'm not sure why this design outline is out of register here. The rest of the design was fine. It could be the machine, fabric/stabilizer combo, or the design itself (although I doubt that with an Urban Threads design)

The Ringmaster stitched

A little creative touch up with a fabric marker.
I hope you have enjoyed your look under the big top!

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  1. That is just amazing I want to get a embroidery machine I think they are just amazing.

  2. I want an embroidery machine so bad ;-) Thanks for sharing!